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Motopark Motocross Academy, 5 Day Motocross School, and Private Motocross Lessons 

Motopark Motocross Training Facility


Motopark offers the Motopark International Motocross Academy, Motocross Camps, Motocross Schools, Motocross Training, Private, Beginner and Group Lessons, a Family Camp. Motopark’s Motocross School has been offered for 40 years.  Motopark is located 20 minutes south of Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada


Motopark Motocross Training will help you train to become the best rider you can be. Motopark Motocross Training will teach you how to train, teach you how to ride. Motopark Motocross Training programs will teach you Motocross techniques like proper Attack Position, proper Braking Techniques & Braking Points, Weighting Your Pegs, Throttle Control, Looking Ahead, Jumps, Berms, Ruts, Etc.... Motopark Motocross Training is designed to adapt to your needs and your goals. We will work with you to make you the best you can be. 



Motopark International Motocross Academy

Motoparks Motocross Academy is an Educational and Motocross training program designed for motocross riders, allowing them to acheive high levels of training and riding. More info on Motopark International Motocross Academy.


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Motopark Summer Motocross Camp

Motopark Motocross Camps offer 9 weeks of Motocross training camps.  Motopark Motocross Camps are designed to teach you proper Motocross technique and safety, basic maintenance, and will make you a faster more experienced rider, with a Motocross mind. More info on Summer Motocross Camps.


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Motopark Challenege Camp

Challenge camps are designed to push athletes, helping them discover new limits, both physically and mentally!!! Motopark Challenege Camp



Motocross Schools & Private Lessons 

Motopark Motocross Schools can be booked any day of the week April thru October. Motopark Motocross Schools are offered to all levels of riders (Beginner to Advanced Racer). Motopark Motocross Schools offer different types of Schools, Private Lessons, Group Lessons, or Beginner & First Timer Lessons. Motopark Motocross Schools are designed to teach you Proper Motocross technique and will make you a faster more experienced rider, with a Motocross Mind. More info on Motocross Schools & Private Lessons.


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