Fort Moto Paintball

Fort Moto Paintball

Paintball Rates

$30 per player, includes gun, mask, and approximately 150 paintballs.

Have you own gun? $20 per player using their own gun, includes approximately 150 paintballs.

Extra Balls

Only our Fort Moto paintballs, purchased from Fort Moto may be used at our field.

Refill 150 balls $13.27 + HST ($15)
500 Balls 7¢ per ball $30.97 + HST ($35)
1000 Balls 6¢ per ball $53.10 + HST ($60)
2000 Balls 5¢ per ball $88.50 + HST ($100)

How to Book

Fort Moto Paintball is available by reservation. A minimum of 6 players is required to book. You can book a time by going to the Paintball Field Rental product page.

Paintball Booking


Paintball can get messy, I’d highly advise brining old clothes that you don’t care about getting dirty. Also getting struck by a paintball and sting, heavy sweaters and thicker pants can help absorb the sting.

Fort Moto Paintball
Fort Moto Paintball
Fort Moto Paintball