MP Camp: Registration and Deposit

  • Last Edited: 2018-11-15 10:35:09

More information on our MP Camp - Five Day Motocross Camp.

Camp Details

Note: We can not guarentee a serviced site, as all sites have been rented for the season. Most of the time we can accommodate. If the parent chooses to come and stay seperate from the student, rates will be negotiated.

All rentals include gear and fuel. The rental price is $619 + HST ($700) and is paid during check-in. Rental bikes may be switched before or during camp based on ability and availability. To find out information about rental bike availability please contact for more information.

Note: the automated invoice does not include the rental bike. Total price for camp with a rental bike is $1560 tax in per week.

Please fill out as many sizes as possible and indicate if they're adult or kids sizes. Leave fields blank if you're unsure.

Rider Details