Practice and Recreational Riding

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What is a Practice Day?

The Motopark: Motocross Practice days are open to the public, and have the option of riding on any one of the three tracks, and/or trail systems. Whether you are a beginner, junior, intermediate or pro, you are more than welcome to come out and ride for the day.

Upon your arrival, it is required that you sign in first. There is a Day-Ride sign in sheet, which each rider is required to sign, and if under 18, a parent or legal must be present to sign for him or her.

If it is your first time at Motopark: Motocross Training Facility, there is a little paper work that needs to be completed, which takes less than five minutes to do. These forms are also available online. This form is a general liability form, and if under 18, a parental consent must be filled in as well. This paper work is mandatory.

Bike rentals, and lessons are also available on practice days.

Sign in and practice start when Motopark: Motocross Training Facility opens for the day, and ends at the same time.

Below are the hours of operation for which are also the hours that Motopark is also open for practice.


On event dates, regular practice is closed. Practice is open the day before a motocross event, on those days the Main Track closes at 4:00pm and the Mini Track closes at 3:00pm.

  • Monday - Closed for the season

  • Tuesday - Closed for the season

  • Wednesday - Closed for the season

  • Thursday - Closed for the season

  • Friday - Closed for the season

  • Saturday - Closed for the season

  • Sunday - Closed for the season


General Regulations

- Refunds are not given Camping fees must be paid in-full on the night/first night of use.

- Account holder(s) for the camp site, are responsible for the actions of all camping members and any visitors to their group camping area. You are responsible to clean up your own site Please do not leave any garbage behind, after your stay Do not dump any oil or gas onto the ground. This is a provincial offence, and there is a $150 fine associated with it, and you may not be allowed back at the Motopark Facility.

- Generators are to be shut down at 11p.m. Exceptions to be discussed with park management.

- Go slowly in the pits. Don’t burn out on our grass and camping areas. First gear only in camping areas and on track and access roadways. Golf karts must be operated by licensed drivers.

- No motorcycles or ATV’s started between the hours of 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m.

- No dumping of grey water or sewage allowed at Motopark or on any of the back roads leading into the park. The MTO watch for any dumping in the area of Motopark.