Canadian Motocross History 1970 – 1975

1970 was the start of what became known as the golden years of Canadian Motocross. By 1975 all of the manufacturers had large teams, most featuring foreign riders. A number of riders where receiving salaries and expenses. The Western Canadian Husqvarna distributor, Steen Hansen, started things off in 1969 by importing Gunnar Lindstrom from Sweden […]

Canadian Motocross History 1966 – 1969

The Americans–500 c.c. Mel Ganscos, BSA, Dick Bettencourt, CZ, George Cunha, Triumph and Tom Cygnor, Matchless. 250 c.c.–Joe Bolger, Bultaco, Rick Wyman, Bultaco, Allan Niles, Bultaco and Ron Jeckel, Bultaco. July 16, 1966 and the motocross community converged on Quebec & St. Agathe Des Monts for what was called the “Motocross Des Nations”. We had […]