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Founded in 1972, Motopark: Motocross Training Facility was one of the first MX Training Facilities to be developed in Canada, and in 1984-1986, Motopark had the pleasure of hosting the FIM World Grande Prix.

Motopark: Motocross Training Facility specializes in providing motocross riders with a few tracks, trails, practices, and races, to perfect their skills. Motopark offers practice throughout the week, and on weekends, except when races are taking place. Practice is an open ride day for the riders, whether your new to the sport, or a pro, these days are meant for you to come out and ride the track or trail which suites your comfort level. On these days lessons can be scheduled, with one of our Pro riders, as well as rent one of our well-maintained bikes, and getting a bite to eat at the Off-Road Café. At the end of the day, you can camp at Motopark, in the “Pits” or rent one of the Motocross Hotel Rooms.

There are numerous races throughout the beginning of spring, to the end of the season, you can find their dates on Motopark’s Schedule page, and Twitter and Facebook page.

During the summer Motopark has the 5 Day Motocross Camp and the Motocross Academy, which gives riders a fun summer experience while receiving the professional attention needed to improve their riding.

The founder Carl Bastedo of the 100-acre Motocross Facility is, a retired pro of the sport, and in June 2010, Motopark: Motocross Training Facility was bought by Iain Hayden. Iain Hayden is a Motocross Pro and a world-renowned Snow Cross Pro as well.

At Motopark there is the Off-Road Cafè, where you may find the offices, registration for practice, and snacks and food. Iain, Carl, and Nicks offices are located inside of this Facility.

Nick Hill is the General Manager of Motopark: Motocross Training Facility. Nick started living, and breathing the Motocross life at the age of two. Being raised on the Facility, Nick naturally developed a passion for the sport and the industry. Over the course of his Motocross and Motopark life, he participated in the summer camps, started developing the tracks, raced internationally, taught lessons at Motopark, and is now the General Manager.

All of the Motopark staff considers themselves to be part of the Motopark Family. If anyone, customers, riders, spectators, have any questions or concerns they can turn to the Motopark team for assistance.