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The MPA Motocross Academy runs 5 weeks each year during July and August. Depending on the number of students, The Academy is split into two groups of riders, Academy and Academy Elite. The Academy group is made up of riders who have raced for more than 2 seasons and are rising in the ranks of their particular class. Each group receive the same level of on bike instruction. The difference is in the physical training portion of their program. Due to being younger or a little less experienced than our Academy Elite riders, there is less emphasis on physical training and more on actual riding and skill development. Our Academy Elite riders are currently near the top of their class, or have won National or Major Championships and require considerably more Physical Training as part of their program.

2015 MPA Motocross Academy

Included each week regardless of how many weeks you sign up for:

  1. Academy Instruction by our experienced motocross trainers
  2. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the Off-Road Café.
  3. Bunk bed accommodation or primitive camping is Included. Hydro water service sites are extra.

Riders who wish to take part in our Academy programs will be asked to fill out an application form. This is so we can design a program that best fits your needs and wants.

The program runs six, 5 day weeks in a row, Monday thru Friday starting July 1, riders may sign up for as few as 2 weeks.


  • Cost for the full six, 5 day a week program and the perks as described above is $4424.78 + HST ($5000). A deposit of $1000. is required and the balance owing on each week can be paid at check in for each week. 
  • Cost for less than six weeks, $1000 + HST per week.
  • Additional charges for weekend stays are $160 + HST and include meals, riding and accommodation or utilities if staying in a trailer.


Please contact us for more information.


Not every rider is accepted in the MPA Academy. We will look at your application and follow up with an email.