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MOTOPARK 1972-2022

Welcome to Motoparks 50th Anniversary year. We are continuing to upgrade our facility to provide riders and moto families with a great experience.

Please review our Rules and Regulations posted at the main gate and the practice day ingate.

A few notes.

  1. You’ll notice we have improved the roadway into the park. Please do not speed when entering and leaving Motopark. Pay extra attention at the end of the driveway when going on to Moto Park Road.
  2. You can have a fire at your campsite but raised fire pits only. They are readily available at many stores. DO NOT have your fire pit on the ground.
    Please note, a maximum 2 vehicles plus one trailer are permitted at each campsite. Visitors must check in and pay at registration. We have had complaints from other campers of some people crowding their campsite with visitors and other riders.
  3. There are no pit bikes allowed at Motopark. We have had a number of accidents and injuries involving pit bikes. We want to enjoy our evenings and not have to worry about potential problems with pit bikes racing around.
  4. Golf Carts must be driven by licensed drivers at least 16 years of age. All passengers must have a seat. If you’ve been to events you’ve seen children driving golf carts overloaded with people hanging off the back. We aren’t going to have that. Should you want to use a golf cart you are required to sign in and get a sticker at the registration area during regular hours, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday thru Monday. The weekly fee is $20. Annual passes available.
  5. Riders can ride their bikes to the line, first gear only. Be especially careful if riding on our new roadway. Do not rip up any of the grassy areas. Be professional, put your bike on a stand, do not ride your race bike up to the washroom or snack bar.
  6. You will be given a garbage bag at the gate. If not, or during practice days, you can get one from the Snack Bar. You can leave your bag tied up at your campsite and we will pick up. You cannot leave any broken bike parts, tires or large garbage at Motopark. You must take used oil or other liquids home with you. Obviously it’s not allowed to drop any oil, fuel etc. on the ground, it’s 2022.
  7. Generators must be turned off at 11 p.m. No generators louder than 53 DB are allowed at Motopark. There are many generators available that fall under that limit.
  8. The gates are closed at Motopark at 11 p.m. People arriving after 11 will have to wait until the morning to enter the park.
  9. Believe it or not we have had campers dumping their gray water and/or sewage on the gravel roads around Motopark. Hunting type camera’s have been placed and the Ministry of Transportation and OPP are on alert to watch the area around the park.