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MP Summer Camp Information Form

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Some extras are not included in price of camp.


Students can bring their own BMX or Mountain bike and ride in the BMX/MTB Park.

Premium Snacks

Each night students have access to a maximum of 2 snacks.  These include things like chocolate bars, chips, pop, and gatorade.  These snacks are not included in the price of camp and cost extra.

MP Camp Photo Package

Students can sign up for the camp photo package. We will have a photographer take photos the first couple days of camp. There will be a mix of riding photos of the student along with group shots. The photo package will be available online by end of day Friday of the camp week.  The price for the camp photos is $61.95 + HST.

MP Pillowcase

We will be selling white MP Camp branded pillowcases for $13.27 + HST. Kids will have an opportunity to have others at camp sign them.

MP Camp T-Shirt

Sign up for a MP Camp T-Shirt with your rider's name and number on the back. The price is $35.40 + HST. You can add/remove t-shirts by pressing the plus minus on the right hand side.

MotoMech Maintenance Program

A free bike check over is provided on arrival Sunday. We also supply a free maintenance lesson Sunday evening. You can purchase a maintenance package from MotoMech should you or your rider feel they are not capable of maintaining the bike or would rather have it done by MotoMech. The cost is $190 + HST for the Basic Daily Maintenance Package not including oil change or daily bike wash. $250 + HST for the Premium Daily Maintenance Package including a daily bike wash. Bikes must be delivered to the shop at the end of each riding day at 4 p.m. Parents will be contacted with regards to any repairs required in addition to the standard daily maintenance.

  • Basic Maintenance Package: $190 + HST
  • Premium Maintenance Package: $250 + HST


Fuel Packages

  • Small Frame Bike (50cc to 65cc): $75.00 + HST
  • Medium Frame Bike (85cc to 150cc): $95.00 + HST
  • Large Frame Bike (125cc to 500cc): $120.00 + HST

MotoMech Repair Budget

To keep your bike going, it's best to give us a repair budget.  We can try to fix the problem immediately and keep the rider on their bike. 

Bike Information

This information will be used to help the photographer figure out who each rider is. If you don't have a number on your bike, then we will give you temporary numbers when you check in.