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JULY 24 TO 27, 2023

What's it all about?

Motopark’s MP Tyke Camp has been very successful and has been growing interest and participants over the years.

Our tyke program offers new young riders the opportunity to learn basic fundamentals, safety, and sportsmanship. This foundation is essential, it will allow the rider to build the respect and skill needed to move forward in this sport. 

Riders are required to ride a pedal bike without trying wheels to participate. Training wheels are allowed on dirt bikes. 

Our instructors will cover safety, body positioning, balance, braking, corners, and move on to slippery surfaces, jumping etc. based on the riders ability. Instructors will work on riders removing their training wheels and building confidence. 

Parents are required to stay with the participant while at the camp. Riders are to have a helper with them at each lesson. This allows the instructor to focus on the lesson and instruction.



More Information


Instruction will run Monday thru Thursday from 9am to 4pm each day.


Tykes will take part in the meal program for the camp.

  • Breakfast 8am
  • Lunch 12pm
  • Dinner 5pm

Evening Activities

Tykes are able to partake in the evening camp activities if they are accompanied by an adult to supervise them.

Sunday Check-In 

  • Sign-In Sunday between 2:30pm-4:30pm
  • Dinner 5pm
  • Let us know if you require late check-in

Thursday Check-Out

  • Thursday 4pm
  • Check-Out is required at registration and MotoMech before leaving.

Tabs at Motopark

  • Tabs are used for snacks in the evening, photos, parts etc. 
  • Tabs are to be cleared up with Motopark and MotoMech during Check-Out.


  • Cancellations before camp starts due to injury or emergency: If you are unable to attend the camp you have biked your $200 deposit will be put on your account for a future camp.
  • Injured during camp: Once camp starts there are no refunds due to injury, lines or any other reason. Participants may be given future credit or makeup camp times in certain situations.