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Jayda-Lynn Brauweiler

My name is Jayda-Lynn Brauweiler, I am 15 and I have been riding for 12 years. I live in Keswick, Ontario. I go to school at keswick high where I play rugby as a Keswick Cougar. I have a multitude of certificates including my Standard First Aid and CPR, snowmobile license, gun license, and hunting license. Although my passion right now is motocross, I have not always ridden motocross. I started out racing flat track when I was 7 at Welland county track. I was 10 when I stopped riding. My father gave me the opportunity to ride again at 13, and the only option was moto. So it started again, I now race lady’s B class and occasionally ladies A. I am working hard to get better, and part of that is training with moto park academy. As well as working there as an employee. I am on the Sommers race team backed up by all of my sponsors, and family. I’d like to thank all of these amazing people: my Stepmother Sara Collins is always keeping me tapped in with the rest of the world. My father Paul Brauweiler JR., my grandfather Paul Brauweiler senior for being the most amazing pit crew. Bob Somers, Somers racing, St Onge, Fitzpatrick Electrical, second wedge brewing Co, TKT Detailing, JT Sheet Metal, Moto Park Academy, OG’s, and MotoMech.